NEW Cooperation With SCUT For Activated Carbon R&D


On November 3, 2020, South China University of Technology-Guangdong Hanyan Activated Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. Production-University-Research Cooperation Base signing and unveiling ceremony was held in Guangdong Hanyan Activated Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. After the establishment of the industry-university-research cooperation base, both schools and enterprises will deepen cooperation in personnel training, practical teaching, and integration of industry-university-research and research, build a new platform for mutual benefit and win-win results, and form a new resource sharing pattern.

Professors, doctoral tutors and researchers of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of South China University of Technology, Dr. Qibin Xia, and Ms. Han Lijun, Executive Vice President of Hanyan Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony and unveiled the production-university-research cooperation base of South China University of Technology-Guangdong Hanyan Activated Carbon Technology Co., Ltd.

Ms. Han Lijun said:
Welcome Professor Xia and his entourage to visit Hanyan. On behalf of Hanyan, I would like to thank South China University of Technology for delivering a large number of outstanding talents to the society and company development over the years. The development of industry-university-research cooperation is an important part of Hanyan’s research and development system. It is oriented to high-quality activated carbon, supercapacitor activated carbon, activated carbon new materials and other fields. The cooperation is based on polymer materials, adsorption media, VOCs governance and control platforms and big data analysis. Strive to become a technologically leading high-tech enterprise in the activated carbon industry. In the future, Hanyan will further strengthen interactive exchanges with South China Institute of Technology, build a long-term and stable bridge for school-enterprise cooperation, and create a new chapter in school-enterprise cooperation!

Dr. Qibin Xia said:
As an application-oriented university, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of South China University of Technology has profound theoretical and technological accumulation in many application fields, which makes South China University of Technology and Hanyan Co., Ltd. have huge cooperation potential and broad cooperation space in the docking of industry, university and research. The cooperation between the two parties has a long history and has great potential. The joint training base will become a powerful starting point for promoting school-enterprise cooperation. It is hoped that both parties will further utilize their respective advantages to promote comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, and jointly explore the development of industry-education integration and the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talent New path, work together to achieve a win-win situation!

Ms. Han Lijun, Executive Vice President of Hanyan, gave a detailed introduction to the activated carbon industry and school-enterprise cooperation, and focused on the advantages of Hanyan in the research and development of high-quality activated carbon.

In the future, the school and enterprise will further carry out multi-level, multi-form and multi-field cooperation to realize the organic combination and optimized allocation of school-enterprise resources, providing a new way for jointly training high-tech talents for economic and social development, and creating a school-enterprise A new chapter of cooperation, and work together to advance the development of environmental protection to a new height!

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