HANYAN Was Invited to Attend International Gas Treatment Summit Meeting


HANYAN is the professional activated carbon manufacturer in China, owning 3 wholly-owned modern activated carbon factories, supplying wood, honeycomb, coconut and coal activated carbon. Recently our team was invited to share honeycomb activated carbon information in an international summit meeting about gas treatment.

Jane & Harald ZYSK
Jane(HANYAN) & Harald ZYSK(DÜRR)

VOCs control is the main problem of gas treatment, which comes from various different industries. HANYAN always pays highly attention on VOCs removal and environmental protection, insists on researching and producing high CTC honeycomb activated carbon for VOCs treatment.

Company Introduction

The most important detection index for gas phase adsorption is carbon tetrachloride (CTC). Its level determines the amount of adsorbed VOCs, but its low index has been a pain point for the industry for many years. As a leading company in the honeycomb activated carbon industry, HANYAN has invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to lead the market and improve the quality of products. With the unremitting efforts of the R&D team, it broke through the technical barriers of low CTC in the honeycomb activated carbon industry in 2017, innovated China’s unique secondary activation technology, and developed and produced honeycomb activated carbon with CTC≥55% and 65%. The overall pattern of the industry has established the important position of honeycomb activated carbon in the application of gas phase adsorption, and has made great contributions to the global environmental protection cause.

Activated Carbon Introduction

All of our team members are professional market person with profound technical knowledge, can quickly provide practical suggestions after knowing customers’ detailed requirements. Till now, HANYAN has established long-term cooperative relations with over 100 listed companies and large state-owned enterprises.

Communicate With Gas Treatment Customer

HANYAN will continue insisting on researching and development, in order to produce more and more high quality honeycomb activated carbon with well shaped.

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