13th Anniversary | Walking Together with Heart, Creating the Future Together

hanyan activated carbon anniversary


On August 8, 2023, the 13th anniversary of HANYAN and the launch of the second phase of the stock incentive program was grandly held. With the theme “Walking Together with Heart, Creating the Future Together,” the company celebrated its 13th founding anniversary. Looking back at the past and looking forward to the future, this celebration marks the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history. On this significant day, all members of HANYAN came together to celebrate!

hanyan activated carbon scene
Pictures from the 13th Anniversary of HANYAN and Stock Incentive Ceremony

Over 13 years of development, HANYAN has adhered to the company vision of “returning air, water, and soil to nature.” Continuously leading the green and low-carbon development of the carbon-based new material activated carbon industry, the company has contributed the “HANYAN Solution” to the national goal of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality,” making China a better place because of HANYAN!

hanyan activated carbon celebration

Chairman’s Address

At the start of the celebration, Chairman Mr. Han ChuYu delivered a speech. He pointed out: On the 13th anniversary of HANYAN, he expressed his deepest respect to all HANYAN members who have created value for the company over the past 13 years. He also sincerely thanked all sectors of society for their long-term supports and concerns for the development of HANYAN. In the future, we will continuously enhance and refine our professional capabilities, tirelessly strive to provide the market with higher quality HANYAN activated carbon, and offer even better services to our clients.

The stock incentive upholds HANYAN’s “Three-Heart Culture” corporate mission and is a hope for the future. Whether we can create greater value in the future depends on our own efforts and whether we can achieve our strategic goals. The road is long; we will march forward side by side for our shared bright future!

china activated carbon factory
(Pictures of Chairman Mr. Han ChuYu’s Address)


Stock Incentive, Creating the Future Together

The core purpose of the long-term stock incentive plan is to allow employees to truly share in the value of the company’s growth. This also serves as a strong recognition of the company’s core staff. We sincerely congratulate our colleagues who have been granted stock incentives this time!

hanyan activated carbon shareholders
(Pictures of some stock certificate awards)

Shareholder Impressions: As new shareholders, we are filled with passion and confidence, looking forward to the company’s future. The achievements made by our company over the past few years are truly commendable, thanks to the hard work of all HANYAN members and the wise decisions of the leadership. As shareholders, we bear even greater responsibilities. We must actively participate in the company’s operations and management, contributing our strength to the company’s long-term development.
activated carbon company
(Group photo of shareholders)

The stock incentive plan is a milestone for the development of HANYAN, a solid step towards achieving the company’s purpose of “Unchanging Heart in Achieving Employee Success.” It is also a correct practice to support and promote the concept of shared prosperity. Through stock incentives, HANYAN forms a “community of shared destiny” with employees, allowing every member of HANYAN to enjoy the dividends of the company’s growth, truly achieving the development goal of joint growth between the company and employees.


Gala Dinner, Raising Glasses in Celebration

As night falls, with the shifting lights and sounds of cheers, the curtain rises on the 13th-anniversary gala dinner. Mrs. Han LiJun, the Executive Vice President, opened the gala with an address.

For 13 years, we have always adhered to the “Three-Heart Culture” of the enterprise – an unchanging heart to achieve employee, customer, and great cause success! We always prioritize our customers, focus on the market, continuously innovate, and pursue excellence. We recognize that in this ever-changing era, only continuous innovation can keep us invincible in the intense activated carbon market competition. Hence, we always regard technological innovation as the core driving force for enterprise development, continuously increasing R&D investment and technological upgrades to repay our customers and society with even better quality and services.
guangdong hanyan activated carbon
(Pictures of Executive Vice President Mrs. Han LiJun’s Address)

Chairman Mr. Han ChuYu took the stage to cut the cake and make a toast. All HANYAN members raised 

their glasses in celebration, enjoying the feast and looking forward to the new journey ahead.

guangdong activated carbon

Honoring Dedication, Walking Together

Streams converge into seas; tiny stars light up the galaxy. The robust growth of HANYAN  could not have been achieved without the collective efforts of its members. Chairman Mr. Han ChuYu and Executive Vice President Mrs. Han LiJun awarded five-year and ten-year employees, respectively, expressing gratitude for their hard work and contributions to HANYAN.

activated carbon company
Pictures of five-year employees receiving awards
activated carbon manufacturer
Pictures of ten-year employees receiving awards

Impressions from Five-Year and Ten-Year Employees
Over the years, it was the company leadership’s unwavering determination and exceptional tenacity that inspired us to move forward. Looking back at the challenges and hardships we’ve faced, they’re all the more precious and memorable. HANYAN gives meaning to both our lives and careers. We’re grateful for the opportunity to persist, work hard, and strive for the same ideal alongside HANYAN. We firmly believe that with the correct leadership and the collective efforts of all HANYAN members, the company will thrive, and our ventures will prosper.


Artistic Performances, Truly Spectacula

With dazzling lights and uplifting music, the opening dance Love You marked the beginning of the anniversary’s artistic performance segment.

activated carbon company show
(Pictures from the performance)

Through a variety of stage plays, dances, skits, choral performances, recitations, and more, the HANYAN team presented sincere celebratory offerings for the company’s 13th birthday.

activated carbon supplier show
(Highlights from the artistic performances)

The performances were impressive and unique, providing an exhilarating visual feast for the audience.

Live Games and Surprises

activated carbon factory

HANYAN members are multitalented, not only bringing creativity but also heartfelt contributions to the 13th-anniversary celebration!

china activated carbon company
(Group photo of all HANYAN members)

Time is golden; laughter accompanies us always. Every face at the event beamed with joy. Everyone spent an unforgettable night in jubilation, looking forward to a bright future with hope.

Highlights of the Event

The 13th anniversary not only stands as a milestone in HANYAN’s development but also as an ambitious new starting point. Looking forward to the future, riding the strong momentum of the Party’s Twentieth Congress, HANYAN Activated Carbon will continue to cultivate dreams, draw blueprints, and pen new chapters, advancing towards their dreams with youthful vigor!


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